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How To - Tie Your Belt

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In Taekwon-Do there are many things that are done or performed in a certain way. Tying your belt is one of these things. Follow these steps and view the training video to help you with this task.



  1. Find the center of your belt by matching the two ends together.
  2. Place the center of the belt over your belly button.
  3. Wrap the left hand side of the belt completely around your waist. Place this end of the belt under the other side.
  4. Now wrap the right had side of the belt directly over the other piece. The belt should appear as a single piece of material around your waist.
  5. Take the left side end of the belt and match it to the right side end such that the left side is 6 inches longer than the right side.
  6. Hold the two side of the belt close to your waist and center the belt over your belly button.
  7. Place the left side of the belt over the right side.
  8. Feed the left end of the belt under belt and push it up towards your chest.
  9. Snug the belt around your waist.
  10. Take the left hand side and flip it toward your right.
  11. Allow the top portion of the belt to fall down and over the left hand side (flipped - above).
  12. Feed the end of the top portion of the belt through the loop and up.
  13. Snug the belt again.

Practice these steps over and over again to master this task.

Here is a video to help you learn this simple task.

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