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2007 Grandmaster Sereff Fall Tournament Results

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Announcement & Congratulations!

On Sunday, October 14, 2007, GrandMaster C.E. Sereff sponsored the Fall 2007 USTF Tournament.  USTF schools throughout the Denver area and from abroad attended.

Several students from Trinity Taekwon-Do attended and their performance is notable.

Many thanks to Ms. Adriana Rodriguez for her work with the Breaking Teams.  Both the adult (Trinity Legion of Decimation) and junior (Trinity Jammalama Bam) team received third (3rd) place awards.  The Legion of Decimation (adult) team scored a total of 10 points while the junior team scored 4 points.  Both teams performance were distinct improvements over past events.  Congratulations to all team members on their accomplishments.

Here is a listing of the individual competitors and their accomplishments

Ms. Adriana Rogriquez, II DAN - 3rd Place Breaking & Sparring
Mr. Robert Merritt, 2nd DAN - 3rd Place Breaking
Ms. Landry Burrows, Ist Dan - 3rd Place Breaking
Mr. Ricardo Rogriguez, 1st DAN - 1st Place Sparring
Ms. Megan Yeo - 1st Dan - 1st Place Sparring; Team Breaking/Patterns
Mr. Alex Santilli, 1st Gup - 3rd Place Breaking; Patterns
Mr. Jason Santilli, 1st Gup - 3rd Place Breaking; Patterns
Mr. Eric Dattore, 1st Gup - 3rd Place Sparring
Ms. Rachael Dye, 1st Gup - 3rd Place Breaking & Sparring
Mr. Eric Koerlin, 1st Gup - 1st Place Sparring; 3rd Place Breaking
Mr. Nathan Yeo, 2nd Gup - 3rd Place Sparring; 3rd Place Patterns; 3rd Place Breaking
Ms. Sarah Santilli, 2nd Gup - Close 4th Place Patterns
Ms. Andrea Rodriguez, 5th Gup - 3rd Place Sparring
Mr. Jose Castro, 5th Gup - 3rd Place Sparring
Ms. Trisytn Avila, 6th Gup - 1st Place Sparring
Mr. Seth Avila, 8th Gup - 2nd Place Sparring

Master Niedig, Mrs. Neidig, Mr. Avila and the junior instructors congratulate all our students and commend each of you in your performances.  We are very proud of each of you and the guts and determination that it takes to compete.

Please visit our Picture Gallery site for pictures of the competitors and their spoils.

Job well done... Everyone.


Charles Avila, 5th DAN
Head Instructor
Trinity Taekwon-Do

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