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Friday, 30 October 2009 01:00

Class A USTF Certification - Mrs Neidig

Trinity Taekwon-Do is proud to announce that Mrs. Pam Neidig, VI Dan has successfully passed the requirements for certification as a Class A USTF Instructor.

Thursday, 11 November 2004 05:44


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Trinity Taekwon-Do is proud to announce that Mrs. Pamela Neidig, VI Dan, and Mr. Curt Prewitt, III Dan, have successfully passed the requirements for certification as a Class B USTF Instructor.

Announcement & Congratulations!

On Sunday, October 12, 2008, GrandMaster C.E. Sereff sponsored the Fall 2008 USTF Tournament.  USTF schools throughout the Denver area and from abroad attended.

Several students from Trinity Taekwon-Do attended and their performance is notable.

Our breaking team competed well but did not place. This is a general area where we can focus a little more and improve for upcoming events.  Congratulations to all team members on their accomplishments.

Here is a listing of the individual competitors and their accomplishments

Ms. Megan Yeo - 1st Dan - 3rd Place Sparring; Patterns
Mr. Nathan Yeo, 1st Gup - Sparring; 1st Place Patterns
Mr. Ed Garneau, 1st Gup - 1st Place Sparring
Mr. Jonathan Morrow, 1st Gup - 2nd Place Sparring; 1st Place Patterns
Ms. Laura Pantleo, 3rd Gup - 2nd Place Sparring; Patterns
Ms. Trisytn Avila, 4th Gup - 3rd Place Sparring
Mr. Peter Kneusal, 6th Gup - 3rd Place Sparring; 3rd Place Patterns
Mr. Paul Kneusal, 6th Gup - 2nd Place Sparring; 3rd Place Patterns
Mr. David Kneusal, 6th Gup - 2nd Place Sparring; 3rd Place Patterns
Mr. Sean Garneau, 2nd Gup - 3rd Place Sparring
Mr. Seth Avila, 7th Gup - 1st Place Sparring
Mr. Jonas Filson, 7th Gup - 3rd Place Sparring
Mr. Thomas Oliver, 7th Gup - 3rd Place Sparrin

Master Niedig, Mrs. Neidig, Mr. Avila and the junior instructors congratulate all our students and commend each of you in your performances.  We are very proud of each of you and the guts and determination that it takes to compete.

Please visit our Picture Gallery site for pictures of the competitors and their spoils.

Job well done... Everyone.


Charles Avila, 6th DAN
Head Instructor
Trinity Taekwon-Do

Sunday, 23 November 2008 17:00

Trinity Instructors Recieve Certifications

Trinity Taekwon-Do is proud to announce that Master Robert Neidig Jr., VIII and Mr. Charles Avila, VI have successfully passed the requirements for certification as a Class A USTF Instructor.

Monday, 09 August 2004 02:30

Master Neidig 8th Dan

It's official, Master Robert Neidig Jr. VII Dan was promoted on June 28, 2008 by Grandmaster C. E. Sereff 9th Dan at Sereff Taekwon-Do. 

Saturday, 22 December 2007 02:51

How To - Tie Your Belt

In Taekwon-Do there are many things that are done or performed in a certain way. Tying your belt is one of these things. Follow these steps and view the training video to help you with this task.


Tuesday, 18 December 2007 14:32

Trinity Success


Our Student's Success is our Pride!

It is through our student's achievements that is the true measure of our success.

All Smiles

Trinity Taekwon-Do regularly participates in regional competitions and while students routinely place high in individual and team medal rankings, it's not all about the medals or trophies.  Real success is the long-lived changes that these medals and trophies only highlight through these physical accomplishments.

The true marker of changes is clearly evident in the testimonial of many of our students as reveal through these parents comments.

"We have three children enrolled at Trinity Taekwon-Do. While they are all very different, they have all benefited immensely in their own unique ways with their experience at this school. Self-confidence has skyrocketed, they have all learned a sense of belonging and camaraderie with this wonderful, caring group of people.

All of the instructors at Trinity Taekwon-Do, Master Neidig, Mrs. Neidig, and Mr. Avila have always shown caring, concern, and sensitivity to the kids’ individual needs while providing excellent training and instilling a sense of self-worth for each child. All three of these instructors certainly provide an outstanding role model for our children and all of the students at the school. It is a wonderful experience to watch the class grow from young white belts who, over time, mature and are given opportunities by the instructors to become leaders within the class. 

The most dramatic change we have seen is in our son, Alex, who was generally shy and unsure of himself. Over the past three years, Alex has grown into a self-confident young man who readily expresses his pride in his accomplishments. We see this confidence throughout all of his activities now and attribute this change to his joining Trinity Taekwon-Do. " - Susan and Paul Santilli

Read more student and parent testimonials here

Taekwon-Do Can Change You Too

Many students at Trinity Taekwon-Do started martial arts classes as adolescents and have grown up into young adults during their time at Trinity Taekwon-Do.  Most have achieved great success along the way.  Specific examples include:

  • Mr. Spenser Burrows received scholarships awards to a local college and credits the benefits of Taekwon-Do focus and self-control to his continued success in his collegiate studies.
  • Ms. Rachel Dye attributes her success in equestrian dressage to the strength, flexibility and balance training that Taekwon-Do provides.
  • The benefits of routine flexibility and strength training has helped Ms. Landry Burrows become a member of the professional ballet troupe, Ballet Nouveau Colorado.

Don't wait, come visit and start now to improve your life or the life of your child.


Tuesday, 18 December 2007 14:32

The Trinity Difference


Martial arts classes at Trinity Taekwon-Do is a unique experience: A blend of superior martial arts training within a positive, disciplined learning environment focusing on the student's growth and improvement.

Trinity Taekwon-Do offers the the following benefits:



  1. Superior Martial Arts Instruction

    At Trinity Tae Kwon Do students get the opportunity to train with dedicated Taekwon-Do instructors and receive personal instruction from Master Robert Neidig, Jr, 8th Degree Black Belt.  Master Neidig can be routinely found teaching white through Black Belt students every week.  This is a great opportunity as many schools are taught and/or run by junior black belts.

    At Trinity Taekwon-Do, the head instructors (Master Neidig (VIII), Mrs. Neidig (VII), and Mr. Avila (VI)) comprise over 70 years of personal martial arts experience.  Balanced by a cadre of certified and helpful junior instructors, every student at Trinity Taekwon-Do can feel like class is an opportunity for personal instruction.

    If you are interested in focused personal instruction, Trinity Taekwon-Do is for you.
  2. Disciplined yet Encouraging

    Discipline and etiquette are a big part of martial arts training at Trinity Taekwon-Do. While students must maintain to the rigor or courtesy and respect, the instruction and environment is filled with fun and positive encouragement.

    In life some things are easy and some are hard. The same can be said for Taekwon-Do and students. Some students find learning Taekwon-Do a breeze while others are challenged.

    At Trinity Taekwon-Do, both the athletic superstar and challenged students are lifted up and praised for their hard work and efforts.

    More than ever, children need positive encouragement in a world that continually says "No.. you can't do that!".

    At Trinity Taekwon-Do "WE CARE ABOUT ALL OUR STUDENTS".

  3. Inexpensive Student Programs

    For over 20 years Trinity Taekwon-Do has been offering martial arts instruction for a personal expense that is an affordable option to the other programs. 

    *** NO CONTRACTS ***
    At Trinity Taekwon-Do there is no requirement for a high priced contract or long term commitment.

    We won't offer you a guarantee to become a black belt if you pay us thousands of dollars. 

    Attaining a Black Belt only comes with hard work and training which requires a very personal commitment to the endeavor.

    Classes at Trinity Taekwon-Do can be joined at anytime.  We offer month-to-month membership and extended training packages at an affordable cost. The choice to continue in martial arts is yours and entirely up to you.

So Why Choose Trinity Taekwon-Do?

Martial arts instruction at Trinity Taekwon-Do is more the kicking and punching, it's a caring, family-oriented and  supportive adventure in martial arts that yields a miriad of benefits just waiting to be discovered.

But you don't have to believe us, come and see for yourself.

Or better yet, read about the success stories and testimonials that some of our student's parents have to say.



Tuesday, 18 December 2007 09:11

Learn Taekwon-Do


Martial arts training benefits both young and old in a vast variety of ways. These include: improved health, flexibility, balance, self-esteem and character growth.

For over 20 years Trinity Taekwon-Do has been helping children, adults and families realize their full personal potential. Through martial arts training at Trinity Taekwon-Do, students grow both physically and mentally through the benefits of marital arts. If your considering martial arts for yourself or your child, Trinity Taekwon-Do can help you improve your health, flexibility, balance, self-esteem, awareness. A myriad of benefits awaits.

Visit our page on classes to learn more.

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